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The following design samples are custom designs that I have created. They are a lower resolution for website display purposes.

This logo was commissioned in June 2011 for The Salvation Army Heritage Brass.

It was actually based on a very good vision from the Band. Initially, they asked for the words, "THE SALVATION ARMY" above a maple leaf, with "Heritage" above the leaf, and "Brass" below the leaf.

After thinking about the situation, it only made sense to take advantage of the inside of the leaf to say "Heritage Brass," and wrap it with, "THE SALVATION ARMY."

After that, special texturing and shading were applied, as well as an extrusion technique done on the lettering and leaf.

Heritage Brass Logo

This is another version of the Heritage Brass logo, but is called a "monogram." It features a glassy leaf with a chrome-extruded "HB" in the center. A drop shadow was later applied. Heritage Brass Monogram

This design was completed in January 2010, for a company that produces precision orthapedic devices. Synergy Medical Technologies

This is the same design, but with an extruded and beveled metallic treatment. Synergy Medical Technologies

The following is a series of marketing collateral I designed for The Salvation Army Flint Citadel Band, to aid them in advertising for their Annual Thanksgiving Concert. This sample is a scaled down version of the 11"x17" full-color poster that was produced.

The "77th" logo was a fun design element to produce. I wanted to project a "Vehicle City" influence, and designed this piece to resemble an emblem you would see on a car's grille. Extrusion and Chrome simulation made this one complete.

2009 Flint Citadel Band Concert Poster

This is a sample of the concert program cover I designed as a variation of the Flint Citadel Band concert poster. This was viewed by about 1,000 concert attendees. This work offered a great opportunity help a worthy organization while showing my design work to a wide range of people. Flint Citadel Band - 2009 Front Cover

In keeping with the theme created for the poster and front cover, this is a sample of a full-page ad that was placed on the back of the concert program. The ad promoted The Salvation Army in Eastern Michigan. Flint Citadel Band - 2009 Back Cover

This was a really cool project I did for the 2005 holiday season. The client was Medawar Jewelers. The project was to design a billboard-sized sign that covered most of their storefront windows. Visitors couldn't see the sign from inside the showroom, but traffic along Linden Road in Flint, Michigan would have a hard time missing it!

This sign was approximately 13 feet tall and about 24 feet wide.

(Roll over the image to see the initial design.)

This was a header logo, originally used by to promote their services website.

This is original artwork created by Steve for a collection of music on CD for The Salvation Army Flint Citadel Band, Flint, Michigan. It features an earth shot from a water horizon to the moon in space. It was entirely computer generated. Salvation Army Band Cover Art

This is a custom logo that Steve created for The Salvation Army Flint Citadel Band. It features a liquid gold emblem with a modernized cross. Flint Citadel Band Logo

The next few samples were from a project for Country Club Real Estate. This is a masthead created for a monthly publication.

Country Club Real Estate Newsletter Masthead

Here is a sample of Country Club Real Estate's monthly publication, "Market Watch". This particular sample features page 1 and 4 of the publication, offering a glimpse of some of the newsletter publishing that Steve also does for small and mid-sized businesses. All of the ads displayed were also designed by Steve. Country Club Real Estate Newsletter

This is an advertisement for Country Club Real Estate that has been used in trade publications and local advertising sources. Country Club Real Estate Print Ad

A Country Club Real Estate home listing. Country Club Real Estate House Listing B&W

Steve also designed Country Club Real Estate's outdoor "for sale" signs. The actual signs are 24" wide by 18" tall. Outdoor Real Estate Sign

This was a concept logo designed for Country Club Real Estate. Country Club Real Estate Concept Logo

This is a sample of a logo created for a comedy tour that never got past the concept and planning phase. This was what the final design would have looked like had it actually gone forward into production. Concert Concept Logo

This is a logo for The Salvation Army Norwich Citadel Band, or Norwich, England. The design was initially 2-dimensional with very flat coloring. Steve was commissioned to take the logo and modernize it, giving it a polished silver and brass look. This is the end result. Norwich Citadel Band Logo

Steve designed the website for the Norwich Citadel Band, as you will see in the web portfolio section of this website. This is an original monogram that Steve created and incorporated it into a spinning 3-dimensional monogram. (You can see it in production by visiting the band's website at .)

NCB Monogram

This is an original logo design that Steve created for Golfside Mortgage . Golfside Mortgage Logo

This was a whimsical spoof of the eBay logo, created for AFAB Boogie & Blues Company, a music group that Steve was a former member of. AFAB-5 Logo

This was an existing logo that was a flat 2-dimensional version, used on the side of the company's trucks. Since that application was not practical for their website, Steve redesigned the logo, adding a 3-D beveled effect, along with a cut wood effect. Roger Foss & Co., LLC Logo

This is a slogan logo, or what Steve likes to call a "slogo" for a local pub in Flint, Michigan. Wooden Keg Slogo

This is a sample of a promotional flyer that Steve created for the Wooden Keg, featuring Steve Caminiti, a touring comedian from Cincinnati, Ohio. (The Steve Caminiti logo was not designed by Steven Himes.) Steve Caminiti Flyer

This is a concept logo for a new Mid-Michigan upstart. Tijuana Tony's

This is a monochrome print ad created for a Chamber of Commerce directory in Genesee County, Michigan. Crossroads Title B&W Ad

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