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Here are just a few websites that I have developed since 1995:

Solo's Hold Solo's Hold

This is a website designed for enthusiasts who either love the Force, or even the dark side of the Force. If you own a light saber or a collection of them, then this is the site for you! It was designed for Solo's Hold, a Michigan-based manufacturer of high-quality light saber stands. (I will give one caveat about the site: You need to view it in either Internet Explorer 10, Firefox or Chrome. Any version less than IE-10 will not work properly.)

Tron IT Consulting Tron IT Consulting

This work is for an IT consulting firm in Mid-Michigan. A great client to have worked for with a great array of services and solutions they provide.

I actually found this opportunity on Craig's List!

The Salvation Army
Heritage Brass
The Salvation Army - Heritage Brass

This is my fourth international website, commissioned for a reservist band from Ontario, Canada.

A 'brochure' website, it was designed with the "less is more" philosophy. Even though it is very user-friendly, it still incorporates very high quality images and other custom graphic design, including their logo, which was also commissioned. You can see a sample of the logo on the design page of this site.

The Salvation Army
Haiti Division
(Haiti Recovery & Development)

the Official Salvation Army Haiti Response and Recovery website

Links of interest: View videos that covered my involvment with Haiti and their web development needs.

Links of interestVideo 1 (abc12 - Flint)
Links of interestVideo 2 (nbc25 - Flint)


This is my third international website, and one that is an incredibly high honor and privilege to design and maintain for The Salvation Army in Haiti.

It's no secret that when the 7.0-magnitude earthquake devastated the country of Haiti, The Salvation Army needed an information website developed immediately. Relatives of persons affected by the earthquake needed up-to-the-minute reporting on what The Salvation Army was doing to rescue, shelter and feed those who survived the tragic events of January 12, 2010.

Norfolk Fellowship Brass Norfolk Fellowship Brass This is my second international website, that just launched in November 2008, using some newer technologies for "zooming" in on select images. A third party streaming audio player was also implemented.

The Salvation Army
Flint Citadel Band

The Salvation Army Flint Citadel Band

This site is a "labor of love". I'm also a member of this group. This site is highly praised world wide for being among the best Salvation Army websites in existence today.

Norwich Citadel Band
of the Salvation Army
Norwich Citadel Band of The Salvation Army This is my first international website. The fine folks of the Norwich Citadel Band discovered me from my work on the Flint Citadel Band site and asked me to take their original website to the next level.

Lindenbrook Place Lindenbrook Place This is a straight-forward website to promote office space in the Flint area. This is a growing trend in real estate promotion. The idea is to place an ad in the local newspaper with basic information, then direct the reader to visit a website for detailed information.

Crossroads Title

Crossroads Title Agency

This website is a work in progress. Basically, it grows as the business it represents grows. If you need title services, there's no better place to go than Crossroads Title.

Personal Marketing Group
(No longer in production.)
Personal Marketing Group This site was put into production in early July 2004. It effectively presented the services offered by PMG, and was custom designed specifically for this client. It had a 'smart' menu system and a pleasant splash page programmed using Flash TM technology. Unfortunately this site is no longer in production. 

Aaron Tull
(No longer in production.)

Aaron Tull :: Extreme Motorsports Racing This site was a challenge for me as far as developing a professional looking site and doing it with a very short timeline. Typically, a well built website can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months to create, depending on the complexity of the site. This site was literally designed and programmed in about 24 hours. (The header graphic and background graphic were handmade for this project.)

KidZone Expo
(No longer in production.)
KidZone Expo This site was a fun project to put together. It was my first site created with children in mind. It features fun colors and sounds, and various images of children in fun poses.

Golfside Mortgage Golfside Mortgage This was a fun site to produce for Golfside Mortgage. An easy and intuitive site, visitors will find applying for a new or refinanced mortgage a breeze! The entire lending process is done online.

The Frelix Project
(No longer in production.)

The Frelix Project This site was developed in conjunction with Altitude 3 Productions to promote a new CD, scheduled for a Fall 2003 release. Not only did I design this site, but also performed as a guest artist on one of the CD's tracks!

Citizens Bank Citizens Bank

No, I didn't save the best for last. In fact, I had been seriously contemplating presenting this site in my web portfolio. I contributed to a lot of the design elements of the site, and also spearheaded the design work for Verified by Visa®. Of all the sites I have developed or help develop, this site was probably the biggest challenge, because it involved an approval process that involved practically a small army—from immediate supervisors and bank executives, to the bank's attorneys (because bank sites are federally regulated). It's a miracle that this site even exists! A newer version of the site captures the vision I had for it all along. Unfortunately, this vision wasn't realized until several years after I had left the company.

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